Showsight Presents The Rottweiler

was necessary in the breeds’ ancestors for sustained work on the farm, driving cattle, or pulling carts, sometimes with very heavy loads. You can read the Stan- dard on how the dog is to be built, but looking at pictures and understanding that the form requires this to result in efficient movement that creates endur- ance is a different way of looking at the same Rottweiler. NOBLE The word “noble” is not actually in the Standard, but many Rottweiler own- ers, breeders, and lovers will tell you that the overall impression of strength, power and agility in a calm, self-assured package results in a dog that creates a “presence”—one of nobility. Whether looking at the dog’s headpiece or the overall picture of the dog in the way it interacts with others around them, you should have the feeling that there is something special about the Rottweiler, both in attitude and construction. RECENT ISSUES OF INTER- EST AND CONCERN The Parent Club, particularly through the Board of Directors, stays abreast of changes in the breed, both as to written standards and structure, domestically and abroad. This past year the parent club for the Rottweiler in Germany “ADRK” as well as the govern- ing body overseeing the ADRK, the FCI, made some significant revisions and clarifications to their breed standard. While some of those are subtle and not of particular interest to judges or own- ers in this country, others have had an S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , D ECEMBER 2018 • 337

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