Showsight Presents the Vizsla


A sk any Vizsla owner what was the first AKC TRIPLE CHAMPION and they will proudly tell you, “A Vizsla.” Ask them what was the first AKC QUADRUPLE CHAMPION and they will also tell you, “A Vizsla.” Th is elegant, rust-colored breed came to the US in the 1950s after their homeland, Hungary, had been torn apart by Russian, German and Communist invasion and control. Beauty combined with brains soon had the Vizsla gaining a respected place as an all-around sporting dog, adaptable and comfortable in a variety of tasks. His easy care and eager willingness to please make him an ideal companion. A close-working natural retriever, pointer and a hunting companion that worked on upland game birds, the Vizs- la soon made an impression on the field trainers and trials. He is a beauty to watch quartering field and suddenly go on a staunch point for a bird. He points by instinct, had an extrasensory nose, a soft mouth and a keen willingness to please. Th e breed has over 150 dual Champions and responsible breeding programs and has promoted the original use of the breed as a companion in the field.

Th e Vizsla had also gained popularity in the conformation show rings with his eye-catching coat, far-reaching gait and his dignified carriage. He stands out in a sporting group just by his attitude alone and has garnered many top awards. He is a joy to exhibitors and spectators. And loves the applause and attention. He is a top choice for owners who want an all-around breed and is a favor- ite for trainers in Obedience and Agility where his skills at jumping and retriev- ing always draw an enthusiastic, sup- portive crowd. He enjoys showing o ff to an audience and always displays a sense of humor while performing given com- mands and exercises. But he is sensitive and soft and a hard hand or a harsh voice of any kind will shut him down. Flyball is a game played by highly energized dogs that are ball-crazy and the Vizslas love the noise and enthusiasm and excite- ment. Rally trials are the bridge between regular obedience trials and the Canine Good Citizen and is a good confidence builder for the young Vizsla because it is a close bonding exercise between the dog and his owner. From a loving, a ff ectionate, protec- tive companion in the home, to becom- ing a gentle and sensitive therapy and

“HE IS A TOP CHOICE FOR OWNERS WHO WANT AN ALL-AROUND BREED and is a favorite for trainers in Obedience and Agility where his skills at jumping and retrieving always draw an enthusiastic, supportive crowd.”

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